Criminal Justice

In my early career I worked in and around the criminal justice system. Most of this appears under attorney or in research. Here’s the good stuff doesn’t fit there:

National Center on Institutions and Alternatives:
I helped manage direct service programs for people caught up in the justice system, especially kids. I even learned about sex offenses by working in treatment programs for victims and pedophiles.

NCIA logo

 Alliance of Concerned Men
I helped manage operations at this very cool, streetsy organization that works to reduce violence in troubled DC neighborhoods and schools. I played a key role in the reconciliation between the mothers of the shooter and the victim of a notorious crime. (The Washington Post covered it nicely).

 Zoo moms from Post

DC Justice “Revitalization”
Around roughly 2000, the federal government assumed major responsibility for the DC justice system. The local Lorton prison closed, people were transferred to federal custody, etc. etc. I was involved in many ways … and drafted this op-ed that’s still one of my favorites (and I still have a brick from the original prison):
Lorton Closing Opens A Door for Reform

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