Economic Justice

Campaign for America’s Future

I was Research Director of this major progressive think tank in the late 2000s. Lots of my good stuff is no longer available on line (internal reorganization, including the web page), but this gives the general idea:

The New Economy: Where we’re going; how we’ll get there.
We can’t go back to the old economy, a high-consumption, low-wage economy based on asset bubbles and foreign borrowing. We need to look ahead.
New Economy

Building our way out:
America needs rebuilding. And the American people need jobs. Put one and one together. And build a bridge while you’re at it.

Safe Toys, Edible Food, Smart Globalization: Finding the balance between domestic production and international trade.
Toxic trade cover

Dream of a Nation: I contributed a chapter on manufacturing.
Dream of a nation cover

Winners and Losers: Wall Street Trumps the Real Economy
This little blog post about two Washington Post stories show the triumph of the pseudo-economy over the real economy.

Madoff: Fall Guy or First of Many?
Bernard Madoff has been sentenced to 150 years in prison for one of the biggest investment frauds in Wall Street history. But there is no closure here. We can’t let Madoff’s sentence distract us from the underlying problems. This isn’t just about Madoff. This is about the system in which Madoff’s scam took place.

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