Here I add thoughts that aren’t newsworthy and would demean the printed page, but I want to share with readers, family and friends. The good stuff is on my author page (scroll down to “favorite writings”). That’s what I want to be remembered by. These are my indulgences.

West Virginia has the Wrong Name
No part of West Virginia is actually west of Virginia, and other inane reasons it should actually be called North Virginia.

Hillary Clinton’s “It Takes a Village” is exactly half right
This has been on my mind a while, so I went ahead and wrote it down. Hillary is right, but half is missing.

Why is Libby Fourteen?
Readers of Making Manna ask this often enough. It’s a fair question, so I answer them.

How to handle the Oxford (Serial) comma
With our without credentials, I have an opinion on this one. I share it. (Depending on my editor, I try to live by it).

For Abe Lincoln on his Birthday (Feb. 22)
I updated his Gettysburg Address

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