Union Made

Catherine Campbell is a union organizer. She wants to raise wages and form a union at the Pac Shoppe retail chain in Virginia.

Nathaniel Hawley is an accountant. He works for the company that’s planning a corporate takeover of Pac Shoppe.

Nate develops more than a professional interest in Catherine. When he finds his company using illegal traicks against the union he faces a choice. Can he interest her by sharing this information? Will it help the union? Will he lose his job, his license and his self-respect? Find out in this sweet love story wrapped in a fierce labor battle.

Release March 2021 by Hardball Press.

Eric Lotke has written an immensely likeable book, a modern, believable romance between two entirely believable characters. There’s a bit of Nathaniel Hawley in all men confused by their roles in a changing world. Catherine Campbell is the woman they’d like to meet, even though her drive and beliefs might be greater than their own.  Set in the rough and tumble world of labor union negotiations, Union Made teaches, amuses, and amazes. A must read!
Thierry Sagnier, author of Pulitzer nominated novel, Montparnasse

Another fine book by Eric Lotke. UNION MADE is a wise and compassionate tale about economic hardship and paths to redemption. Lotke takes the classic boy-meets-girl love story, and weaves in a gentle and ultimately rousing call for organizing the American workforce. A delightful story, and uplifting guide to remaking America.
Andy Norman, author of Mental Immunity

There are reports and investigations and documentaries about labor unions and their members, but Union Made puts flesh and bone to the people inside a movement.  Union activists never start out as activists.  They are always simple people who simply decide one day to do something to make their lives better.  And it always involves ordinary people doing extraordinary things.  This is a story about family and fearlessness, love and lengths that solidarity can go.
Lily Eskelsen Garcia, President, National Education Association

Union Made is like a first date, offering the tantalizing possibility of different worlds coming together. It’s a wonderful story about people who want and need a union, and people who are suspicious of them. Union Made is proof that fiction sometimes shows the world better than nonfiction.
— Donald Cohen, Founder of In the Public Interest

Lotke weaves together romance and politics in this timely story of two people drawn together across daunting barriers. An organizer and an accountant on opposite sides of a hard-fought union campaign discover new truths – both personal and political – that challenge their world views and assumptions. Union Maid brings to life the mundane details, the sacrifices, and the passion underneath the struggle to build worker power on the frontlines of the U.S. economy.
Thea Lee, President of Economic Policy Institute