Eric Lotke is an author, activist and scholar. His early work like The Real War on Crime  was groundbreaking on criminal justice policy. His original research on prison gerrymandering  has led to new law in ten states so far. His lawsuit over the exploitative price of phone calls from prison led to new rules by the FCC. Lotke’s latest novel, Union Made, explores what union organizing means for the workplace, the economy and maybe even the organizer’s love life.

“Making Manna clearly establishes Eric Lotke as an impressively gifted novelist.” — Midwest Book Review


Union Made, New Release! March 2021

union-made-front-cover-1“Eric Lotke has written an immensely likeable book, a modern, believable romance between two entirely believable characters.”
Thierry Sagnier, author of Pulitzer nominated novel, Montparnasse

Making Manna

Manna cover“A beautiful story of flourishing in hard times against the madness of an irrational justice system — with family, love, and foodie delights! An inspiring triumph of the human spirit.”
— William Upski Wimsatt, author of Please Don’t Bomb the Suburbs

2044: The problem isn’t Big Brother, it’s Big Brother, Inc.

And more.


Flushing toilets in the DC jail, and other uses for the Bill of Rights.

jail toilet


Because the pendulum doesn’t swing back. 
Someone pushes it.

Eric headshot black
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  1. Hi Eric: Nice meeting you today at Dominion Book store. Ironically, the inspiration I was looking for from the speakers came from you. Thanks for your words of encouragement. Best of luck on your book. Rick Ford

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